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Freshwater Church prays and works toward reaching every man, woman and child on St John with the gospel of Jesus Christ, our living hope. While service to the community is not our direct mission, great opportunities exist in sharing the gospel when we seek to help people with physical needs.

In partnership with Freshwater Church, many stateside churches have sent mission teams to engage in summer sports-oriented day camps, children’s carnival, feeding the community during times of crisis, debris removal and demolition, simple construction and painting, etc. We are continually in prayer to identify where God is working on the island, so we can join Him in His work.

If you believe God is calling your church to send a team, or you as an individual or couple to come to St John and serve Him, we are interested in hearing from you. We hope that you will come and experience what God is doing on the island. It is truly unique. We would love to pray with you as we jointly seek to understand how we can work together to serve God on St. John.

If you are interested in finding out more about serving on the mission field in St. John through Freshwater Church, please visit our Contact Us page and choose one of the many ways to reach out to us.